How-to Style Diamond Jewelry Daily

We are past the days where jewelry collections and flashy accessories are only worn during special occasions. Moreover, these luxuries are no longer limited to the upper classes of society, since it is easy to obtain these items in the free market that we live in today. Given this, you can now wear eloquent jewelry on a day-to-day basis. However, having to wear an extravagant diamond ring or necklace daily can be too much, even for the modern era. Thus, we need to examine our options for everyday wear.



For earrings, you can go for a very simple diamond stud. It is elegant in its humble form, so it is sure to give you the grandeur that you need for in your daily life. If you do not wish to go for studs, you can still opt-in to having huggie earrings (shown below).



A simple band studded with some diamonds can go a long way for your OOTD. The best everyday ring that you can wear is your engagement and wedding ring, allowing you to have 2 rings at most. For the happily single ones, you can still go for a single ring with a small diamond or gemstone detailing.




For bracelets, you can always go for the simplicity of bangles. Try a simple diamond bangle like the one shown below, it provides elegancy without being too distracting. It has a relatively slim band with smaller diamond beads. Save the detailed ones for an elegant evening dinner.



Necklaces can be quite visible, when worn correctly. Thus, you should be sure to pick the right one for work. A diamond necklace in shape of a teardrop, heart or flower can be a good start. It is fun and can be seen by everyone. Be lowkey and let others notice the elegance of the piece you are wearing and leave the accent pieces for your night-outs. Try wearing v-neck blouses or simple patterns to really bring attention to your diamond-studded jewelry.


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How-to Know When to Give a Promise Ring

The traditional rings that one gives to their significant others are the engagement and wedding ring. These rings are commonly worn on the ring finger, or the fourth finger of the left hand, simply because it was known that a certain vein is found in that finger that is connected directly to the heart. Beautiful isn’t it? However, there is also one ring that is not known to many – the promise ring. What is it and how significant it is for partners to have? Let’s dive in.


Promise Rings

A promise ring is the kind of ring that you give to your partner to express your eternal commitment and love to one another. Normally it is given before the engagement ring. It represents having a personal relationship with someone that someday, might lead to marriage.

There are some who do not believe in marriage and a promise ring is a way to show your commitment to someone without the sanctity of a wedding. It may change down the road, or you may just not be ready for that level of commitment right now, it simply means that there is a future between the two of you.


Purchasing the promise ring

It can be difficult to choose a promise ring for you partner. Of course, you want it to be special, but you also don’t want to overshadow the engagement and wedding rings in the future. Thus, you can go for a very low key, yet, unique ring, like one featuring your partner’s birthstone or any other type of gemstone. It may only feature a very small diamond that you could later place in a set of diamonds for any future band. There are a wide variety of promise rings to choose from!


Is it Time?

Timing is a very crucial part when giving a promise ring. Thus, before giving a promise ring, you need to be open and have clear lines of communication about the status of your relationship. Ask your partner about what’s going on between the two of you and figure out where you both stand in the future. You can try to read cues about how they feel about you by reading their body language. If all of the clues are clearly stating that you have something real, then maybe considering giving them a promise ring.

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How to Mix and Match Jewelry in Spring Time

The spring season is upon us and of course, your wardrobe and accessories should match the vibe of this time of year! The quickest way to do this, is by adding the dominant colors of what’s in this spring to your collection.

To jumpstart this spring trend, here are some ideas for mix and matching your jewelry this season:



The spring season typically gives off animalistic or wild vibes thus, you can do an OOTD with animal prints as the base of your inspiration. For jewelry, this look is typically accentuated by pieces with less lustrous gemstones. This gemstone necklace by Tacori can perfectly accessorize any animal printed dress that you may have for time of year. However, if you want to accent the jewelry, you can try wearing a nude color animal print to balance out the colors.



You could also be wishful for summer and take the tropical route! Bright and fun colors are common for a tropical-themed wardrobe. Typically, your outfit would be embellished with flowers, fruits, and other summer-y symbols. As for jewelry, you should try to also incorporate the symbols mentioned. The Hearts On Fire Jewelry Collection offers a wide variety of floral accessories like the Liliana Flower Stud. The color goes well with a red or black dress with floral or fruity prints.



One of the most captivating things that happens in the springtime is the blooming of flowers. You can incorporate this by adding pastel colors to your outfits and accessories. The color of lavender suits the spring season perfectly, so you may want to try this Tacori Sonoma Skies Pendant that exudes the allure of a blooming lavender. This purple-colored gem is perfect for your springtime getaway!


What are your plans for your spring season wardrobe? Have you already prepared the jewelry and accessories for your OOTDs? Let us know what you have here!

Top 5 Jewelry Looks for Prom



Prom day is fast approaching! Whether you want a sophisticated and glamorous look, or just a casual, simple one, being on top of the trends in jewelry will make or break your outfit. Don’t settle for something that will do, last minute. This is your night! Own it.


Here are our top picks on what can embellish your night with glamour and beauty:



A common occurance we see with Prom looks are a bare neck, since it will not pull attention from the hair, makeup or dress. However, we find the right necklace can only accentuate certain features, like the collarbone, and can help with the overall look. The trend we see emerging is geometric necklaces.

For example, you can sport this Tacori pendant, a brilliant diamond piece that exudes elegance and pristine beauty. It has a geometric piece that can be a good adornment to your neck. It’s best paired with a gown that has a low neckline, and it’s simplicity won’t steal the show from your dress.

You can also try to wear this dainty Hearts On Fire off-set necklace to give off a chic vibe! It packs quite a punch for both a formal and casual gathering. It’s lightweight, elegant, and looks so polished with its 18K white gold, and platinum materials.




For earrings, you can go either choose a dangle or the common stud, since these are the ones on trend right now, we recommend that you go for the studs. They complement any type of dress and adorn your face. Tacori can offer you great and elegant stud earrings that sparkle, the needed allure of the night. Brighter than the stars, the gems embedded in this Island Rains Earring can help you win the crown for Prom Queen!




The trending look for bracelets today are either bangles or multi-strands. Of course, you would want to accentuate your wrists without compromising the beauty of the corsage. Thus, you can try wearing the Tacori Promise which is a multi-stranded bracelet made with silver and small beads of diamonds.


If you opt for the bangles, you can try stacking the elegant Tacori Island Rains which are embedded with beads and topaz gemstones. This bracelet is ageless in beauty which is a good way to stay forever young at prom. What are you waiting for? Add this bracelet to your Prom look, today!


What are your go-to prom accessories? How did it fare? Tell us here!

Tips to Surprise your Mom on Mother’s Day


Words are not enough to express how much we adore our mothers. They are the ones who brought us into the world, and will always be there to nurture and care for us. Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, it is imperative that we express our gratitude by giving them something from the heart!


A Lovely Gift

One of the best things that you can give, is the item that she’s had her eye on for a very long time. It can be a piece of jewelry, or a bag she has been eyeing at in the mall. If your budget is a bit tight, you can try making a gift yourself. A personal touch can make something a little bit more special.


Date Night

Why not spice up the night a bit by taking your mom out on a date? You could maybe take her to the mall and enjoy shopping together like you did when you were a kid. Or, you can take her out to a fancy dinner and talk about what has been going on in your lives.


A Surprise Visit

Are you working away from home and not expected to come home this year? Then take advantage of your vacations days and surprise your mother with your arrival! You can even let your father in on the surprise and set-up an even grander event at your home.


Give the Time and the Hug

Money shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, the simplest, yet, most incredible gift you can give to your mom is your time, effort, and of course, a hug. Connecting in a deeper and more meaningful way is the most important thing, right? But if you DO want to surprise her with some jewelry, we’re here to help!


What are your plans for Mother’s Day? Share it with us here!


Take A Step Into The New Age Of Jewelry With EDC


When it comes to jewelry and accessories, of course you would want to be on track with the latest trends and happenings in the industry. However, there are a lot to choose from with regards to the look. You can go from classic to chill to a very modern style. Nothing is wrong, but always be sure that you have the quality and the realness of a true artisan work in jewelries. You can all have that through EDC, the Elizabeth Diamond Company.


Elizabeth Diamond Company

EDC, or the Elizabeth Diamond Company, is a jewelry company that aims to provide classic yet modern accessories to people. Founded in 2001, they have been continuously innovating the craft of jewelry making as well as the sales of the product. You can access them through their physical shops and website.


Timeless Jewelry

The EDC have a variety of products that come from different jewelers from around the world. These companies, like the Tacori, Hears On Fire, and Omega, are the ones providing top-notch jewelry sets for you to add into your collections.


One of the best-seller in EDC is the timeless art of Tacori called the classic crescent under the engagement rings collections. It embodies the perfect modern touch for marriage proposals. However, it can be clearly seen by its design that it has some vintage touches thus, making it timeless.




You can also step up your game by having an elegant necklace for you loved ones. Hearts On Fire offers a perfect diamond pendant to match your personality and style. By having its sparkle in your daily OOTD, you can be sure to catch the attention of anyone.



However, your accessories should not be limited to expensive and elegant pieces. You can also add some chill and casual accessories into your arsenal. EDC is a perfect repository for this vibe since they have the best product available in their website. One good example is the ring band that are not too flashy such as the flat comfort fit band for men.



For a jeweler to catch-up in the new age market, they need to innovate in such a way that they capture the classic and the casual. EDC is a perfect one-stop shop for this. Interested? Check us out here!

Top 3 Engagement Ring Designs for 2018

The engagement ring is an important aspect when one is proposing marriage to a lady. Of course, it is essential because it will the symbol of the devotion and love you have for each other, all wrapped on your ring finger.

If you think that you are about to ask the most-awaited question to your significant other, you may want to consider checking out the timeless yet trendy ring designs today!


Moissanite Rings

Due to the high price of diamond rings, the popularity of moissanite rings is on the rise these days. The moissanite is a gemstone that literally means “gemstone born from the stars” since this mineral was first found in meteor crater in 1893. The stone is also scarce making it valuable to made into rings.


Aside from being cheaper, many people are enamored by this gem because it can be twice as lustrous compared to diamond. This is primarily because of the angle of refraction it gives to light.


Art Deco Rings

Going historical has been also seen to be increasing in popularity because of several art deco rings used for engagement rings. Because of the intricate designs and well-expressed curves and lines, these antique rings have become the top pick for some people because they wanted the vogue styles in the past.

Another reason why art deco rings are popular is that some of these rings are made by top artisans during that time. It embodies the topnotch ring making skill at that time and one can get it at a relatively cheaper price than diamond rings today.  


Oval Stone Rings

Some people have also fallen for the brilliant rounded cut of oval stones and gems, and that is why they are choosing it for engagement rings. Due to the versatility of the gems and stones that you can put on the ring, people can properly allocate the budget that they have for the ring. Several oval rings can also have a vintage look just like the art deco rings.

If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé, check what we have to offer here! You can even have discounts!

Adding that Finishing Touch to Your Outfit: Spring Accessories

It was expected that there are several suns and blossoms for the spring and near summer season for the year 2018. Thus, if you are trying to match this kind of vibe for your wardrobe, you may want to bring it down to the deepest level such as your accessories. It is expected that the season will bring lots of bangles, shiny gems, and bright-colored earrings as well.


Leather Accessories

Leather accessories can be a central theme that matches the spring season. Necklaces and anklets made from leather is a perfect way to accent your OOTD.



You can also incorporate bead and flowers in your jewelry accessories to signify the new life brought upon by the spring season.

Sea Vibe

The sea vibe brought upon by the spring season can be associated with a lot of bright and fun colors. Rich yellow, blue, and green colors can be a good way to include in your accessories. What about the shapes? Well, you can try putting in the ones associated with the sea such as starfishes, clams, and many other. Pearls can also be a great addition to your accessories.


Nature Vibe

The spring season greatly implies the beginning of new life. Thus, if you want to embody this theme, you can include aspects of nature in your accessories. This may include flowers, birds, wood, even stones, and other life forms that typically sprung in this season.


Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, and Platinum


Jewelry dates back to ancient times and precious metals have always been the primary material for the crafting of those pieces. This is probably because most precious metals are easy to mold, and are rare, with high value. The most popular metals nowadays are probably gold, silver, and platinum.



Gold, which can be considered the all-time favorite of jewelers and consumers alike, has an undeniable charm due to its internal and external properties. First, gold is fairly known for its ability to not rust, corrode, or even discolor. Only a few chemicals actually  do that, so you can easily verify whether or not your gold is the real deal.

Another good thing about gold is that it is easy to mold into different shapes, making it perfect for use as a jewelry material. However, that same trait can also be its downside since gold can be easily damaged. Because of this,  jewelers are always mixing it with other metals to strengthen the gold’s malleability.


Silver, an adaptable metal can very well be used in many products and industries aside from jewelry. For many years, it has been used as a form of currency. However, it did not stop jewelers from experimenting with silver into their works of art. Many people favor silver over gold since it has a unique luster and because it is relatively cheaper than gold.  


Considered the third most precious metal on earth, platinum isn’t exactly one single metal, but is comprised of mixed metals in different proportions. The combination of iridium, rhodium, osmium, ruthenium, and palladium in different proportions gives platinum a very strong, unblemished property, perfect for sturdy jewelry collections. It is often mixed with silver and gold to aid their durability properties.

Another interesting fact regarding platinum is that it is even rarer than gold or silver. Due to this rarity, it is relatively young as a material used in fashion. However, it quickly rose to popularity among jewelers and consumers and has become popularly known as white gold.

It is truly fascinating to know that we live on a planet where these precious materials are available to us for the betterment of our lives. We may tend to forget where our daily fashion pieces come from, but it is captivating to think about how we are more unified with the Earth whenever we wear one of our pieces.

Do you have a collection made from these precious metals? Share your experiences and show us your favorites here!