5 Tips on How to Find the Perfect Gift

5 Tips on How to Find the Perfect Gift

We all know someone who is very talented when it comes to gift-giving. When they pick the perfect gift for you, it can turn your day around. Now imagine that it’s your turn to give a gift and you want it to be perfect. It’s harder than it looks.


It’s even harder to find the right gift when the person you’re giving to, already has everything they need or want. Well, if you are having this dilemma right now, don’t worry. We have compiled some of the best tips on how you can surprise your loved one with the perfect gift.


Allot your budget

Before looking into your gift choices, make a budget that you can stick to. This will ensure that you don’t go overboard with your present. The right present doesn’t need to be pricey in order to be perfect. An allotted budget can even help you be creative since you may have to do some DIY crafts just to fit your budget properly.


Gift based on their interests

Nothing beats a personal and well-thought-out gift. You should identify the person’s interests, so you can aim within those. Try giving gifts that they can use in their hobbies like shoes for sports or art materials if they are artists. Another great gift is something  indirect, such as items their pets will enjoy.


Consider gifting an experience

It is especially hard to give to a person who already has everything that satisfies them. Why not give a memorable gift such as an “experience”? Take them skydiving or even scuba diving. You should make it an activity you can do together that they surely won’t forget their whole life.


Travel to the past

Sometimes, a little bit of nostalgia can bring joy to us and to the people we share it with. If you are going to take this angle, go with a gift relating to happy memories from that person’s past, like his or her childhood. Give them their favorite stuffed toy from when they were young or a piece of jewelry like one they misplaced in the past.


Avoid the bare minimum

I know that this is probably the most obvious, but most people tend to give an easy, comfortable gift like gift cards or, even cash. Go beyond the usual by putting more thought and care into your gift.  It will show that you value that person and that they have a special place in your heart.


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Making Your Gift Memorable

Gift-giving can be a really hard thing to do. Most of us don’t even have an idea where to start! On one hand, some may prefer money or expensive material things, but others may want to know we put time and effort into their gift. It is truly a tricky thing.

One thing’s for sure, that to make a gift memorable, it’s an interesting balance to take into consideration. This balance includes factors such as who the gift recipient is, their needs, wants, and interests, as well as the kind of relationship they have with the gift giver. If you really want to give the most memorable gift of all, here are a few things you can try in order to give a gift they’ll appreciate for years to come.

Decorative Gift Wrapping

Some say that gift wrapping can make or break the act of gift giving. A well-wrapped gift can also increase the anticipation and excitement the recipient feels. Careful thought and effort should be put into designing the gift wrapping. Make it as personalized as possible and also make sure that it doesn’t look like it was wrapped in the store for free. To top it off,  attach a card with a heartfelt message.

Avoid the Ordinary

Avoid giving generic gifts like wall clocks or picture frames. They are dull and uninteresting to most people. You should try giving gifts that are relevant to the person you want to give to. What really works are gifts such as rings, necklaces or earrings. They have luster, elegance, can be used on a regular basis and what makes them truly special is that they are pieces the recipient most likely would not buy for themselves.

Capture the Moment

The moment of gift giving is as important as the gift itself. You should try to capture the moment when you give the gift to make it more interesting. By taking pictures or recording video of it, the moment will last forever, will be more memorable, and will add a level of excitement to the event.

Different gifts add different elements to each moment. For more ideas on giving the perfect gift, visit us to see a wide selection of pieces that will make each moment truly spectacular.

Choosing the Perfect Ring for Your Love

You’ve gotten the much-anticipated “Yes.” You’ve given the engagement ring. What’s next? The wedding ring! Choosing the perfect wedding ring is not always an easy task. In fact, it can be pretty grueling if you don’t know where to begin. So here are some tips to help you choose the right ring for your partner:

Choose Your Style

Sticking with your style will help you to eliminate every ring that isn’t quite right. There are so many variations, that if you know what style suits you as a couple, you will be able to save so much time and money.


Search for Your Ring Early

Once you have an idea of what style works for you, start searching for that idea in jewelry shops. Try the ring on your finger to get more acquainted with it and get a better feel for it. It’s best to start early so you can find the perfect ring without putting stress in your life.


Know Your Budget

To easily help you choose the ring, you can set a maximum budget that you are willing to pay. This will automatically eliminate the rings that are outside your limit. This will also help you save some money that you can spend on other parts of your wedding, such as the dress, tuxedo, or the wedding party.  

Check the Quality

Of course, setting a budget doesn’t mean that you will end up with a second-rate product. Check the quality of the ring to see that it’s made out of good, authentic materials (gold, silver, diamond, etc.). Legitimate branded products typically have a solid manufacturer’s mark and a 24K or PLAT mark which is a proof of a pure and quality jewelry.


Are you wanting to give the perfect ring? E-mail us at info@shopedc.com so we can help you find the right one for your special day.

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts

Even though the holiday season is all wrapped up now, the next holiday on the calendar makes a lot of us go shopping for that perfect gift. It’s Valentine’s Day, of course!

Valentine’s Day gifts can get a bit tricky because it depends on a few factors to determine which gift is perfect for that special person. It depends mostly on the type of relationship you have with them, their personality, taste, and style, among other factors. Do they like flashy or extravagant gifts, or classic pieces? Be sure you take these things into account while selecting your gift.

It’s best to think about this ahead of time because as the season progresses and the Holiday gets closer, the less likely you are to find the perfect gift. But there’s good news! A proven, time-tested gift is jewelry. As a guide to help you select the perfect piece, read below. The hardest part will be picking only one!

Hearts On Fire: $950

Hearts on Fire, a classic favorite offers a variety of pieces including necklaces, rings, and bracelets, starting at $950. Not only are there beautiful pieces for women, but stunning bracelets for men as well.


TACORI: 18K, .925 silver, $200

Handcrafted in California, Tacori has a great collection of artisan jewelry and watches covered in precious silver that will surely be cherished for years to come.


GURHAN: $200

There is no mistaking a piece of Gurhan jewelry. Gurhan has a fine selection of gold or silver earrings, bangles, and necklaces that will make their heart soar and complete any ensemble.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so make sure you secure your gifts as soon as possible. Contact us so we can help you choose the perfect gift to make your holiday extraordinary!

How to Keep Your Jewels Looking New

We can all imagine the joy and excitement a new piece of  jewelry can bring us. You want to wear it as much as you can and show everyone you know. To go along with it, you want it to sparkle and look as new as when it was first purchased.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your jewelry sparkling as much as when it first came into your life.

Remove Them

One of the easiest ways to take care of your jewelry pieces is by taking them off whenever you are working on something manually, especially when these tasks involve fluids. You need to be extra careful when dealing with lotions, perfumes, and hairsprays. Strong chemicals found in soap and bleach should never touch your precious jewelry. These chemicals can cause the material to break down, permanently damaging your pieces.


Use Cleaning Products

The simplest way to clean your jewelry is by applying lukewarm water on the surface and then gently brushing it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. There are also clothes especially dedicated to wiping away fluid. Some of these are used for jewelry that needs delicate cleaning, such as silver and rose-gold. It’s important to remember to clean your jewelry every night for optimal results.

Buy Quality Jewelry

Each material in your jewelry changes after a time of use. How quickly it changes or degrades depends mostly on how well the jewelry was made. No matter how well you take care of a product, if the build quality and materials used are not that great, it simply will not last long. For this reason, it is advisable to buy quality jewelry from reputable sellers. Sellers that sell jewelry with the thickness of 1 to 2 microns (1-2 millimeters) can guarantee you a superb product.

For more jewelry care practices, e-mail info@shopedc.com or contact the Elizabeth Diamond Company at (866) 434-8244 for more details.

Be in on the Trends: Jewels and Fashion

Seasons come and go and as time passes, fashion trends can also transition. This is very true, especially when it comes to jewelry trends. In the past year, several jewelry runways have featured more gold hoops and rings, as well as down-sized pendants.

So you too can stay on trend, here are a few things you might want to keep in your jewelry closet.


Layered Pendants

Necklace layering has been one of the most elegant, yet fun ways of showcasing your necklace and pendant collections. There’s no exact recipe to layering them perfectly, so it all comes down to your style. The trend we have seen this year is chains, partnered with oversized statement necklaces. Don’t forget about chunky necklaces. They’re back and better than ever!

Gold Hoops

You can’t deny it…gold can make any outfit look instantly better, adding a shimmery upgrade. Since gold has been part of jewelry’s rich history, it’s a classic. It’s easy to stay in on trend if you add a pair of gold hoops to your collection.

Layered Bracelets

The trend of decorating your arm is still alive and well, so it’s safe to say that this trend will keep going. You can experiment with your style, but you can also follow some trends, such as layering bracelets with gems in them. Mix and match several colors that suit your everyday style to take any outfit from drab to fab!

Interested in upgrading your jewelry collection? E-mail us at info@shopedc.com or call us at (866) 434-8244 for more details.

How Diamonds Are Created

diamonds are made

The diamond has been long-considered a one-of-a-kind accessory and is also one of the most precious stones on Earth. Because of this, it has been widely used in various pieces of jewelry like rings and necklaces. So, how exactly are diamonds made?

There are many ways diamonds are formed. Several scientists are still figuring out the exact recipe and process but, nevertheless, diamonds can be formed by either natural or synthetic method. Most of the time, they are formed using a combination of high temperatures, carbon minerals, and great pressure.

High Temperatures and Pressures

Carbon, high temperatures, and immense pressure are the most crucial elements in the formation of a diamond. Generally, these materials and conditions can be found in the Earth’s mantle, which is about 150 kilometers below the Earth’s surface. Pure carbon dioxide is heated up to around 1200 degrees celsius and after this, high amounts of pressure are then applied so that the carbon mineral may solidify. At this point, the diamond is ready to be mined.

diamonds are made

Synthetic Processes

The natural process takes around 1 to 3.3 billion years to finish. This is also one of the reasons why diamonds have a higher price point than other stones. Thus, some of the diamonds available in the market today are synthetically made. This can be done in a laboratory using a process called Chemical Vapor Deposition or CVD. This process uses plasma as well as high pressure and temperature to turn graphite, a type of carbon mineral, into diamonds.


Diamonds as Jewelry

diamonds are made

A diamond’s raw materials need to be manufactured into a well-polished product before it can be in a piece of jewelry. The diamonds are sorted into sizes, shapes, and levels of quality. After this, they will be meticulously cut and polished into the shape that fits the jewelry piece it will be placed in.  The cuts made in the raw diamond material are important since it will determine the grade and the price of the finished product. Because of this, computer automation can be used to further refine the material. After these processes, it is now ready to be marketed and sold.

If you are interested in adding diamonds to your jewelry collection, e-mail us at  info@shopedc.com or contact the Elizabeth Diamond Company line (866) 434-8244 for details.

Popular Gemstones for Engagement Rings


Maybe you’re thinking of veering away from the traditional style of engagement rings. Maybe you’re wondering what else is out there. You’re in luck because there are many beautiful gemstones that can be used as engagement ring stones, still just as beautiful as the traditional diamond.  

Here are some of the popular gemstones that are storming the market today.

Colored Diamonds


A colored diamond is a different variety of the traditional diamonds put in most engagement rings. Colored diamonds are rare which only appear about once in every 10,000 diamonds. You can get several distinct colors like yellow, pink, black, and pastel. Given its rarity, colored diamonds are also at a higher price point than traditional ones. White Diamonds and colored diamonds are mined from several different regions of the world including Russia, South Africa, Botswana, and Canada.




Considered to be the “Jewel of Kings,” the emerald is an elegant alternative to diamonds. It can give your engagement ring a light-to-dark green sparkle, depending on the grade of the jewel. On the hardness scale, it falls at an 8, which indicates a high level of durability. You can rest assured that it won’t scratch easily. This is a  rare stone known for its astonishing allure and color. Emeralds are mined from several different regions of the world including Columbia, Africa, and Brazil.




The sapphire gemstone has long been known as the gemstone of the elites and royalty. Several artists from Hollywood have been seen sporting sapphires this season. The hype is justified because of its brilliant blue luster. The stone also has the property of pleochroism, which is the unique ability to reflect different colors depending on the person’s point of view. It has a 9 on the hardness scale and is now becoming one of the most sought-after engagement ring gemstones on the market. Sapphires are mined from several different regions of the world including Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Burma, and Montana.


If it’s time to pop the question, make sure you pop the right ring. E-mail info@shopedc.com or contact the Elizabeth Diamond Company at (866) 434-8244 to get a quote on the best engagement rings available on the market.


From garnet to opal, to amethyst, diamond, and many more, there is a birthstone for every month on the calendar, each one as unique as the person wearing it. Check out the list below to see the the stone that matches your birth month. We’ve even included birthstone-inspired jewelry to keep you shining and help you stand out!

January. Honora features an elegant necklace that incorporates January’s stone, the garnet. Masterfully cut into a pear shape, it is perfect for any occasion. There’s a reason that legend says it will bring peace, prosperity, and good health!

February. This very lady-like elegant necklace from Tacori simply elevates any outfit. With an amethyst stone, this necklace can rest across your collarbone as a bold statement piece, graced in elegance.

March. These vintage-inspired earrings from Simon G. are perfect for the magnificent March baby. The aquamarine stone represents fun and sophistication, which adds more beauty to the total look.

April. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that’s especially true for April babies. This cuff bracelet from Tacori delivers comfort and style. These jaw-dropping and simple, but intricate details are perfect to take any outfit from day to night.

May. Another breathtaking piece from Simon G. is this vintage style emerald bracelet. A pioneer in the industry, Simon G. brings out the “wow factor” of your style. With subtle, yet attention-getting diamond and emerald stones, this just might be your favorite go-to bracelet.

June. Fun, timeless, and classic are these pearl earrings from Honora. These make the June baby stand out from the rest! This timeless style is accented by 14K gold and precious pearls.

July. Instantly feel like a queen with another versatile necklace from Simon G. Made from 18K black gold, 18K white gold, and pieces of ruby stones, July babies will have all eyes on them.

August. The perfect gemstone bracelet for everyday wear, this might be your next favorite thing! An onyx stone simply completes the totality of this bracelet made by world-class jeweler Tacori.

September. Look at the beauty and elegance of this sapphire engagement ring! Another beautiful piece from Tacori, this ring will turn heads and incite awe everywhere you go.

October. Feel like a goddess with this diamond-encrusted opal necklace from Simon G. It delivers a mixture of sophistication and elegance, yet is simple enough for everyday wear.

November. One piece of the fashion-forward collection from Tacori, these topaz earrings boost your sparkle with resplendent stones and sterling silver full of majestic beauty! These stud-style earrings are timeless and effortlessly stylish.

December. Turquoise and sterling silver make this Tacori bracelet an instant classic in its simple elegance. Delicate amethyst, topaz, and turquoise stones adorn it, while the sterling silver proves it will stand the test of time.

What’s your birthstone? Whichever birthstone is yours, let us help you find the perfect piece that shows your beauty and uniqueness. Contact us today to help you get started!

Check Out This New Custom Design


EDC is one of the most well-known jewelry stores that caters to you by allowing you to custom-create the design of your dreams! It is one of the best gems EDC has to offer because you can  get what you want without breaking the bank! If you want it, EDC can create it!

With hundreds of designs, stone types, colors, and accessory types, to whatever suits your style and personality, we got you covered. Choose from the world’s top jewelers like Tacori, Hearts on Fire, Simon G., Gurhan, A. Jaffe and well-known timepieces from Tissot, Alpina, Omega, and so many more!

Don’t forget that here at EDC, we also offer repair services, lifetime warranties, free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We always provide high-quality service, the best products, and incomparable custom designs that will make you fall in love.

Not all jewelry stores offer custom designs to satisfy your taste, but at EDC…you can find the perfect fit and creation to suit your heart’s desire!