Small business is getting bigger

By: Mike Holland

Dayton – If you’ve visited the Elizabeth Diamond Company (EDC) recently, you’ve probably noticed some big changes going on. Since moving into their current location in 2006, this small business has grown by leaps and bounds. This summer, they have taken their growth in stature quite literally.

The local, full-serviOLD_EDCce jeweler is doubling the size of its primary location, 7245 Far Hills Ave., to just over 6000 square feet by extending their current showroom out from the rear of the building. This expansion will allow for more showroom space to accommodate their growing designer and in-house collections, as they seek to offer even more style options to a rapidly increasing bridal and fashion jewelry customer base.

“It’s a really big step for us; but it’s a step that I think we’re more than ready to take,” said Cody Pinnick, EDC’s General Manager.

EDC’s growth could also help to further strengthen the local economy, as they anticipate drawing even more traffic from surrounding communities and markets.

“We’ve just seen so much growth in the past two years, we’re running out of space for our employees and EDC_under_const.clients,” said Sonny Singhvi, owner of EDC. Singvhi, along with his wife, Sonu, have been engaged in detailed planning for the past year and are looking forward to making their store fit the size of their business.

They will also dedicate a large portion of their new space to meet the growing demand for unique, custom-designed jewelry pieces. The new layout will allow them to integrate their design studios directly into their production and repair shop. This means that EDC will be able to produce their in-house creations even more frequently.

According to Singhvi, along with all their other efforts to grow they also plan to use this opportunity to further enhance what is an already highly rated customer experience. “We owe a debt of gratitude to the community and we are very pleased to have the chance to better serve their needs,” Singhvi said.

EDC Frontage 10-14“We’ve been voted as Dayton’s best jeweler in each of the last four years by, and now we want to be able to take our customers’ experience to an even higher level. It’s our way of returning the favor to all of our loyal customers, past, present and future,” said Singhvi.

The expansion is in full swing and is set to be complete this fall; but EDC’s Dayton location will remain open for business throughout the remodeling effort. “We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that the construction will not interrupt our day-to-day business,” Singhvi said.

For the time being, EDC’s customers may see a little dust or hear a few of the many sounds of progress that come with such a large construction project. Just know that it means one of Dayton’s favorite small businesses is well on its way to becoming much bigger.

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