Meet the jewelers

At Elizabeth Diamond Company, our goal is to not only provide you with the best in style, selection, quality & service, but to be there to care for your cherished jewelry pieces now and in the future. That is why we house a fully-functioning jewelry repair shop; featuring two of the most talented bench jewelers around! We rely on their abundant wealth of talent & experience to service, care for & even create beautiful pieces of jewelry to be able to last a lifetime! We know how important your invaluable keepsake jewelry items are & we know exactly how to care for & maintain them for your enjoyment – always.

EDC's Dave & Eric

EDC boasts two of the most talented jewelry craftsmen in the region. This is David (left) & Eric (right) – They’re our jewelers! Put their elite skill & experience to work for you!

When you come to Elizabeth Diamond Company, we treat you & your items with the care & respect that you deserve. No matter how simple or complicated the job, your precious gold & platinum jewelry will receive the best service possible – whether it was purchased at EDC or not! Our jewelers have a combined 50+ years of experience in the fine art of jewelry production & repair; ensuring your jewelry is in the very best hands!

From setting the stone & sizing that “happily ever after” ring – To breathing a whole new life into a treasured family heirloom piece, we can do it all! Jewelry is an important gift that often marks life’s most memorable occasions; like the start of a beautiful romance, a new family or another new & exciting chapter in your life. As such, we apply a level of ingenuity & dedication rarely seen in the service industry. This is our promise to you.

Let’s meet the talent behind the best jewelry design & repair shop around!


While he is a pretty big guy, he’s actually a “giant” in the industry. His innovative methods are Daveconstantly raising the bar within the realm of design, casting, repair & restoration. He blends an incredible eye for detail with the use of techniques that are trusted & timeless, as well as highly advanced & cutting edge. David has left no stone unturned in his search to discover the best methods & practices, & apply them to benefit our customers, right here at EDC! You can see a sampling of his custom-design work here: EDC Custom Design Gallery


EricAround EDC, he’s better known as “the machine” for his uncanny ability to complete repair work with speed & accuracy. For Eric, no job is too tough or challenge to daunting to handle. If it can be done, then he can make it happen! His craftsmanship & quality of work will leave you wondering, “How does he do it?” as you gaze upon your newly repaired/restored jewelry item(s). Like David, his experience & methods are top-notch & unrivaled in the area.

(To view the entire story & to see a complete listing of EDC’s Repair & Restoration services, CLICK HERE!)

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