The Beauty of Mismatched Stackable Bands

Stacked wedding rings have been gracing the ring fingers of stylish brides, and hands of non-brides for years. This trend has really picked up speed within the last year!

The beauty of using mismatched stackable bands is that there are so many ways you can wear them!

You can wear two, three, or more bands on your right-hand ring finger with your engagement ring on the left, or you can combine all of your rings for a bold, layered look that will totally make a statement.

If you want to get a little outside the box, you can also forego the engagement ring altogether!

The Beauty of Mismatched Stackable Bands

Henri Daussi Women’s Wedding Bands

I love the idea of stacked weddings rings because they are super customizable. You can change the order up every day if you really want to!

My wedding band is very dainty, so being able to pair it with larger diamond bands of different sizes and styles is a fantastic way to add a little something extra without wearing an actual engagement ring. But of course, adding the engagement ring would just make it that much more gorgeous!

Here are a couple of my favorites for 2017:


The Beauty of Mismatched Stackable Bands

This stackable would pair perfectly with your diamond engagement ring from Elizabeth Diamond Company! Its slightly pointed style sits flush to your ring, creating a seamless display of brilliance.


The Beauty of Mismatched Stackable Bands

Add some color to your wedding band stackable with this whimsically chic, artistic design from Kirk Kara’s Angelique collection. It features 1/5 ctw of diamonds and signature handcrafted milgrain edging.


The Beauty of Mismatched Stackable Bands

The Destiny Twist Diamond Band is a spectacular diamond wedding band with a delicate twist of Hearts On Fire diamonds, making it versatile enough to be paired with any HOF solitaire engagement ring.


The Beauty of Mismatched Stackable Bands

This Vintage, Milgrain wedding band style adorns you with just the right splendor and spectacle at the same time and can easily be used as a breathtaking engagement ring!

The stones are Channel, Pave-set which nicely arrays them for a more articulated result. The Round-shaped stones bind the piece into the single piece of awe, right before one’s eyes.


Which band was your favorite? It’s pretty hard to just pick one, right? And THAT’S the beauty of stackable wedding bands – you don’t HAVE to just pick one (;

Contact us today with any questions you may have regarding your engagement ring or wedding bands! If you haven’t shopped here, you’re not done shopping yet!


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