Watch Out Ladies & Gents

There are a lot of watches available to the modern man and woman, but only a few stand out to those who are looking for a quality timepiece. Now obviously, if you’re wanting to make the investment on a quality timepiece, you should be prepared for the price tag.

Here’s a quick question: Have you ever considered purchasing a watch that can be worn by all genders?

Honestly, it’s not something I’ve ever pondered – but as I think more into it, it does make a good amount of sense:

  1. You can kill two birds with one stone and keep you and your partner stylin’ with just one watch. But you will just have to fight over who wears it out each weekend.
  2. If there ever comes a time that you’d like to sell your beautiful timepiece, it can appeal to both men and women’s style, giving you a whole other half of a demographic to sell to!

Tissot has been around for a very long time, and with that, they are very aware and up to date when it comes to different styles over time. They have a wide range of products depending on what you prefer; mm size, shape, color, & design.

Below are some timepieces that you might want to consider for your next big purchase:

Watch Out Ladies & Gents


A classic leather, water resistant, scratch-proof watch is one of our personal favorite unisex watches from Tissot. This can be used on an everyday basis, and can easily paired with formal or casual clothes. Could it be your next favorite timepiece!?

Watch Out Ladies & Gents


Rose gold is an amazing trend – from phone cases, phones, engagement rings and wedding bands to watches! This Tissot watch will make you realize that watches are not just an added accessory, but a lifetime investment…AND that rose gold is NOT just for women, but completely acceptable for men as well! Keep track of time with this definitive model.

Watch Out Ladies & GentsWatch Out Ladies & Gents
Watch Out Ladies & Gents


Tired of seeing the same design? Or are you a watch aficionado and looking to switch things up every now and then?

Tissot offers colored straps that will give your outfit and watch a pop of color. Used for everyday wear, this watch will surely give individuals a double-thumbs up. Note that this is also a unisex watch, so your wife or husband can enjoy sporting this look any time!

We are obsessed with Tissot and we are 100% positive that they can provide you with the style you’re looking for, lady or gent. Look through our shop to see more designs, or come visit us in the shop this week!


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