7 Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Like New

Knowing how to properly clean, maintain, and repair jewelry is necessary for the long life of your pieces. If not taken seriously, your jewelry could lose its value and eventually depreciate over time. So you can stay in the know, below are some tips on how you can make your precious pieces look new again…and stay that way!


Keep it clean. Gently wipe off skin oil and makeup after each time you wear a piece. This will help preserve the jewelry’s sparkle. Use a 100% cotton cloth to wipe it off, but never paper, polyester, or other types of fabric, including synthetics. These materials may impart fine scratches in the metal, especially on sterling silver.

Sterling silver. To keep it from tarnishing, wrap the jewelry in tissue paper and place it inside a zipped plastic bag and seal it.


Remove fingerprints and dirt. Add a small amount of mild liquid soap to a half cup of warm water, soak the piece for 2-3 minutes, then rinse. This will help remove fingerprints, dirt, or light grease from your favorite sterling silver pieces.


Never use chlorine. When cleaning stones like amber, lapis lazuli, and turquoise, do not soak it longer than you would other types of stone. Be sure to never use chlorine on them.


Remove your accessories. Before doing any housework or activities that could cause your jewelry any abrasion, especially using products that contain bleach, make sure you have removed and properly stored your pieces.


Toothpaste or other abrasive. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t use toothpaste or other products just because others are doing it. Whatever works for their jewelry might not work for yours, so be sure you know how to treat it.


Ultrasonic cleaners. This is great for cleaning some types of jewelry, but not recommended for gemstones, pearls, and other fine stones.


Hopefully these tips help you keep the right mindset about how to keep your jewelry beautiful for years to come. We care about helping you preserve your pieces. For the safest repair and maintenance, you can contact us or visit one of our stores to know more about proper care for your jewelry!

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