Great Ways To Expand Your Wardrobe

-Stephanie Weber, Designer & Graduate Gemologist, GIA at The Elizabeth Diamond Company


Jewelry is a precious fashion statement that connects us to sentiment, legacy and timelessness. Over time we can build a personal jewelry wardrobe that suits our lifestyle, expressing our individuality.



Detachable earring drops suspended from a stand alone diamond hoop or pavé top offer two looks in one.  Likewise, consider a double sided pendant to feature a colored gemstone one way and all diamond or plain texture the other.  Even rings can perform double duty.  Imagine a cluster ring center that unlocks to serve as a pendant on a chain.  A matching necklace and bracelet can connect nicely to make one longer piece, accented by interesting ball or toggle catches.  An experienced goldsmith can often modify existing pieces of jewelry to maximize wearability.  



Play and experiment pairing different metals and gemstones.  Yes, go ahead and mix yellow gold jewelry with platinum or white gold.  Dress down a classic strand of pearls with simple silver hoops. Or on the flip side, dress up the same necklace with diamonds- perhaps a chandelier earring or an important right hand ring.  Jewelry professionals can guide you on how to make better use of what you already own and identify smart wish list pieces to best enhance your wardrobe.



Start with the most delicate necklace closest to the neck and descend to the heaviest layer.  Spacing guides the eye, influencing proportions.  Anchor the look with a signature pendant or wrap longer strands of beads or pearls, doubling and tripling the same necklace.  Adding an extender to an existing necklace works well for different necklines.  Mult-strand chains and gemstone station necklaces can completely transform a special pendant, stretching wearability especially for dressier occasions.  



Rings and bracelets are naturals for stacking and repurposing heirlooms to suit your style. Frame a timeless diamond band with skinny textured or enamel guards.  A stack can completely refresh an older piece.  Avoid soldering rings together to leave your options open and enjoy a more comfortable fit.  Mix textures and styles; variety adds interest.  On the wrist, combine a straight line diamond bracelet with a plain gold cuff.  Or tell a story with skinny slip on bangles.  Ideally, any piece should be strong enough to stand alone or be integrated as desired.  


To schedule a complimentary appointment to expand your jewelry wardrobe or to repurpose existing pieces, email or phone 937.434.0003 at The Elizabeth Diamond Company.

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