From garnet to opal, to amethyst, diamond, and many more, there is a birthstone for every month on the calendar, each one as unique as the person wearing it. Check out the list below to see the the stone that matches your birth month. We’ve even included birthstone-inspired jewelry to keep you shining and help you stand out!

January. Honora features an elegant necklace that incorporates January’s stone, the garnet. Masterfully cut into a pear shape, it is perfect for any occasion. There’s a reason that legend says it will bring peace, prosperity, and good health!

February. This very lady-like elegant necklace from Tacori simply elevates any outfit. With an amethyst stone, this necklace can rest across your collarbone as a bold statement piece, graced in elegance.

March. These vintage-inspired earrings from Simon G. are perfect for the magnificent March baby. The aquamarine stone represents fun and sophistication, which adds more beauty to the total look.

April. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that’s especially true for April babies. This cuff bracelet from Tacori delivers comfort and style. These jaw-dropping and simple, but intricate details are perfect to take any outfit from day to night.

May. Another breathtaking piece from Simon G. is this vintage style emerald bracelet. A pioneer in the industry, Simon G. brings out the “wow factor” of your style. With subtle, yet attention-getting diamond and emerald stones, this just might be your favorite go-to bracelet.

June. Fun, timeless, and classic are these pearl earrings from Honora. These make the June baby stand out from the rest! This timeless style is accented by 14K gold and precious pearls.

July. Instantly feel like a queen with another versatile necklace from Simon G. Made from 18K black gold, 18K white gold, and pieces of ruby stones, July babies will have all eyes on them.

August. The perfect gemstone bracelet for everyday wear, this might be your next favorite thing! An onyx stone simply completes the totality of this bracelet made by world-class jeweler Tacori.

September. Look at the beauty and elegance of this sapphire engagement ring! Another beautiful piece from Tacori, this ring will turn heads and incite awe everywhere you go.

October. Feel like a goddess with this diamond-encrusted opal necklace from Simon G. It delivers a mixture of sophistication and elegance, yet is simple enough for everyday wear.

November. One piece of the fashion-forward collection from Tacori, these topaz earrings boost your sparkle with resplendent stones and sterling silver full of majestic beauty! These stud-style earrings are timeless and effortlessly stylish.

December. Turquoise and sterling silver make this Tacori bracelet an instant classic in its simple elegance. Delicate amethyst, topaz, and turquoise stones adorn it, while the sterling silver proves it will stand the test of time.

What’s your birthstone? Whichever birthstone is yours, let us help you find the perfect piece that shows your beauty and uniqueness. Contact us today to help you get started!

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