Popular Gemstones for Engagement Rings


Maybe you’re thinking of veering away from the traditional style of engagement rings. Maybe you’re wondering what else is out there. You’re in luck because there are many beautiful gemstones that can be used as engagement ring stones, still just as beautiful as the traditional diamond.  

Here are some of the popular gemstones that are storming the market today.

Colored Diamonds


A colored diamond is a different variety of the traditional diamonds put in most engagement rings. Colored diamonds are rare which only appear about once in every 10,000 diamonds. You can get several distinct colors like yellow, pink, black, and pastel. Given its rarity, colored diamonds are also at a higher price point than traditional ones. White Diamonds and colored diamonds are mined from several different regions of the world including Russia, South Africa, Botswana, and Canada.




Considered to be the “Jewel of Kings,” the emerald is an elegant alternative to diamonds. It can give your engagement ring a light-to-dark green sparkle, depending on the grade of the jewel. On the hardness scale, it falls at an 8, which indicates a high level of durability. You can rest assured that it won’t scratch easily. This is a  rare stone known for its astonishing allure and color. Emeralds are mined from several different regions of the world including Columbia, Africa, and Brazil.




The sapphire gemstone has long been known as the gemstone of the elites and royalty. Several artists from Hollywood have been seen sporting sapphires this season. The hype is justified because of its brilliant blue luster. The stone also has the property of pleochroism, which is the unique ability to reflect different colors depending on the person’s point of view. It has a 9 on the hardness scale and is now becoming one of the most sought-after engagement ring gemstones on the market. Sapphires are mined from several different regions of the world including Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Burma, and Montana.


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