How Diamonds Are Created

diamonds are made

The diamond has been long-considered a one-of-a-kind accessory and is also one of the most precious stones on Earth. Because of this, it has been widely used in various pieces of jewelry like rings and necklaces. So, how exactly are diamonds made?

There are many ways diamonds are formed. Several scientists are still figuring out the exact recipe and process but, nevertheless, diamonds can be formed by either natural or synthetic method. Most of the time, they are formed using a combination of high temperatures, carbon minerals, and great pressure.

High Temperatures and Pressures

Carbon, high temperatures, and immense pressure are the most crucial elements in the formation of a diamond. Generally, these materials and conditions can be found in the Earth’s mantle, which is about 150 kilometers below the Earth’s surface. Pure carbon dioxide is heated up to around 1200 degrees celsius and after this, high amounts of pressure are then applied so that the carbon mineral may solidify. At this point, the diamond is ready to be mined.

diamonds are made

Synthetic Processes

The natural process takes around 1 to 3.3 billion years to finish. This is also one of the reasons why diamonds have a higher price point than other stones. Thus, some of the diamonds available in the market today are synthetically made. This can be done in a laboratory using a process called Chemical Vapor Deposition or CVD. This process uses plasma as well as high pressure and temperature to turn graphite, a type of carbon mineral, into diamonds.


Diamonds as Jewelry

diamonds are made

A diamond’s raw materials need to be manufactured into a well-polished product before it can be in a piece of jewelry. The diamonds are sorted into sizes, shapes, and levels of quality. After this, they will be meticulously cut and polished into the shape that fits the jewelry piece it will be placed in.  The cuts made in the raw diamond material are important since it will determine the grade and the price of the finished product. Because of this, computer automation can be used to further refine the material. After these processes, it is now ready to be marketed and sold.

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