The Coolest Jewelry Experience at EDC


As you travel along the roads of Route 48 in Centerville, Ohio, your eyes suddenly catch a glimpse of an intriguing sign placed on the front lawn of a house. “Keep Calm and Marry On!”, it says. That’s the store you’ve been hearing about, the Elizabeth Diamond Company! You proceed to enter “Wow, this is a great concept. The entrance is at the back of the store. Definitely, no one will notice I’m looking for a wedding ring!”, you whisper to yourself as you enter the shop while being ushered in by the distinct scent of the flowers on the yard and the vanilla-scented candle sitting in the window. Once you’ve entered, you already notice the small yet intricate details, including the alluring chandelier, the lively people, and the vibrant music that have added to the initial experience. Immediately, you’ll realize that this first impression is the reason why most people have rated EDC as the Best Jewelry Store by


This is the typical experience for people the first time they set foot in the Elizabeth Diamond Company. Ordinarily, first-time clients would hang out at EDC’s full-service bar, often accompanied by their dogs. Several treats are available for the humans to enjoy, such as hand-crafted chocolates and pastries. Pet owners can then choose from a wide variety of pet pendants, which are one of EDC’s specialties. This also functions as a good marketing funnel, since the pet owners would then look around at the other jewelry options available at the shop. This marketing strategy help consumers to realize that EDC is not just a jewelry shop; it’s a place where dreams are realized through quality diamonds and jewelry.


A Little Bit of History

The Elizabeth Diamond Company was founded through family ties abroad. Sonny Singvhi, the founder of EDC, grew up in Middletown, Ohio. Even as a youth, Sonny was encouraged by his father, a professor at Miami University, to pursue both theoretical and practical skills. Ultimately, Sonny grew to love working with emerald cutters and dealers in India, while being a student at Ohio State University. This is the foundation of his interests in the jewelry industry.


After meeting his soon-to-be wife Sonu, the vision for his jewelry business came closer to fruition. They opened several stores in Ohio in 2010 and then the shop relocated to a larger and more highly trafficked area. This continuous passion led to the founding of the jewelry business, known as the Elizabeth Diamond Company. It grew from casual business deals in the classroom to the actual designing and selling of awesome jewelry products, all owned by EDC.


A Sense of Family

One thing that makes the Elizabeth Diamond Company special is the vision that drives the entire business. Sonny Singvhi, quoted, “Jewelry symbolizes emotional attachments forged by significant life events: engagements marriage, birthdays, anniversaries. Heirloom treasures are passed down from one generation to the next. We consider it a privilege to be part of these significant moments for couples and families through the years. Our interaction with our clients extends long beyond the initial introduction. Our clients become part of our EDC family”.  The family aspect of the business is important for EDC.

By incorporating values such as cooperation and responsibility into their work, a strength of the executives, every employee is utilized well. For starters, Sonny is the one tasked with procuring the diamonds and gemstones, insuring quality inventory of raw materials. Sonu’s eye for fashion is then used to make every final product noteworthy. For the business to thrive, she is also tasked with handling customer and partner relations. This sense of responsibility is even translated to their children, who have helped with the family business after their school duties.


Business Innovation

EDC is also at the forefront of applying innovative technologies into making jewelry. They use topnotch computer-aided renderings (CAD) for wax models. Great models turn into superb products with a high material build and long-lasting luster. The customer support and relations are also managed up to the most intricate detail, since the EDC General manager can consult with top shopping consultants for potential market growth. This is one of the reasons why EDC has always shown great service for big and small businesses alike.


Moreover, the staff of EDC is continuously making sure that the company has a great inventory of products, since it is one of the proven strategies to bring clients into the shop. An acclaimed and certified gemologist named Stephanie Weber quoted, “Nowhere in the greater Dayton area can you compare over 60 2 carat diamond options side by side with a GIA certified gemologist and seasoned professionals who help you understand price and quality. It makes it easier for our clients, to feel confident in their decision.”.


Community Service

Community is a very important aspect of the Elizabeth Diamond Company. They have been a long-time partner with Dayton Children’s Hospital, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Humane Society of Greater Dayton, as well as the SICSA. They have also contributed during the Hurricane Harvey with such offers as pet food and a supplies drop-off location. Several donations were also given during the disaster consisting of $5,000 for relief to the Red Cross.


It can be said that the Elizabeth Diamond Company is the coolest jewelry store ever. They have an interactive jewelry experience for its’ customers, a completely innovative business model, and a heart for the welfare of the community. Check out EDC and get the best bling for your buck in Dayton, Ohio!

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