Adding that Finishing Touch to Your Outfit: Spring Accessories

It was expected that there are several suns and blossoms for the spring and near summer season for the year 2018. Thus, if you are trying to match this kind of vibe for your wardrobe, you may want to bring it down to the deepest level such as your accessories. It is expected that the season will bring lots of bangles, shiny gems, and bright-colored earrings as well.


Leather Accessories

Leather accessories can be a central theme that matches the spring season. Necklaces and anklets made from leather is a perfect way to accent your OOTD.



You can also incorporate bead and flowers in your jewelry accessories to signify the new life brought upon by the spring season.

Sea Vibe

The sea vibe brought upon by the spring season can be associated with a lot of bright and fun colors. Rich yellow, blue, and green colors can be a good way to include in your accessories. What about the shapes? Well, you can try putting in the ones associated with the sea such as starfishes, clams, and many other. Pearls can also be a great addition to your accessories.


Nature Vibe

The spring season greatly implies the beginning of new life. Thus, if you want to embody this theme, you can include aspects of nature in your accessories. This may include flowers, birds, wood, even stones, and other life forms that typically sprung in this season.


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