Top 3 Engagement Ring Designs for 2018

The engagement ring is an important aspect when one is proposing marriage to a lady. Of course, it is essential because it will the symbol of the devotion and love you have for each other, all wrapped on your ring finger.

If you think that you are about to ask the most-awaited question to your significant other, you may want to consider checking out the timeless yet trendy ring designs today!


Moissanite Rings

Due to the high price of diamond rings, the popularity of moissanite rings is on the rise these days. The moissanite is a gemstone that literally means “gemstone born from the stars” since this mineral was first found in meteor crater in 1893. The stone is also scarce making it valuable to made into rings.


Aside from being cheaper, many people are enamored by this gem because it can be twice as lustrous compared to diamond. This is primarily because of the angle of refraction it gives to light.


Art Deco Rings

Going historical has been also seen to be increasing in popularity because of several art deco rings used for engagement rings. Because of the intricate designs and well-expressed curves and lines, these antique rings have become the top pick for some people because they wanted the vogue styles in the past.

Another reason why art deco rings are popular is that some of these rings are made by top artisans during that time. It embodies the topnotch ring making skill at that time and one can get it at a relatively cheaper price than diamond rings today.  


Oval Stone Rings

Some people have also fallen for the brilliant rounded cut of oval stones and gems, and that is why they are choosing it for engagement rings. Due to the versatility of the gems and stones that you can put on the ring, people can properly allocate the budget that they have for the ring. Several oval rings can also have a vintage look just like the art deco rings.

If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé, check what we have to offer here! You can even have discounts!

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