Top 5 Jewelry Looks for Prom



Prom day is fast approaching! Whether you want a sophisticated and glamorous look, or just a casual, simple one, being on top of the trends in jewelry will make or break your outfit. Don’t settle for something that will do, last minute. This is your night! Own it.


Here are our top picks on what can embellish your night with glamour and beauty:



A common occurance we see with Prom looks are a bare neck, since it will not pull attention from the hair, makeup or dress. However, we find the right necklace can only accentuate certain features, like the collarbone, and can help with the overall look. The trend we see emerging is geometric necklaces.

For example, you can sport this Tacori pendant, a brilliant diamond piece that exudes elegance and pristine beauty. It has a geometric piece that can be a good adornment to your neck. It’s best paired with a gown that has a low neckline, and it’s simplicity won’t steal the show from your dress.

You can also try to wear this dainty Hearts On Fire off-set necklace to give off a chic vibe! It packs quite a punch for both a formal and casual gathering. It’s lightweight, elegant, and looks so polished with its 18K white gold, and platinum materials.




For earrings, you can go either choose a dangle or the common stud, since these are the ones on trend right now, we recommend that you go for the studs. They complement any type of dress and adorn your face. Tacori can offer you great and elegant stud earrings that sparkle, the needed allure of the night. Brighter than the stars, the gems embedded in this Island Rains Earring can help you win the crown for Prom Queen!




The trending look for bracelets today are either bangles or multi-strands. Of course, you would want to accentuate your wrists without compromising the beauty of the corsage. Thus, you can try wearing the Tacori Promise which is a multi-stranded bracelet made with silver and small beads of diamonds.


If you opt for the bangles, you can try stacking the elegant Tacori Island Rains which are embedded with beads and topaz gemstones. This bracelet is ageless in beauty which is a good way to stay forever young at prom. What are you waiting for? Add this bracelet to your Prom look, today!


What are your go-to prom accessories? How did it fare? Tell us here!

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