How to Mix and Match Jewelry in Spring Time

The spring season is upon us and of course, your wardrobe and accessories should match the vibe of this time of year! The quickest way to do this, is by adding the dominant colors of what’s in this spring to your collection.

To jumpstart this spring trend, here are some ideas for mix and matching your jewelry this season:



The spring season typically gives off animalistic or wild vibes thus, you can do an OOTD with animal prints as the base of your inspiration. For jewelry, this look is typically accentuated by pieces with less lustrous gemstones. This gemstone necklace by Tacori can perfectly accessorize any animal printed dress that you may have for time of year. However, if you want to accent the jewelry, you can try wearing a nude color animal print to balance out the colors.



You could also be wishful for summer and take the tropical route! Bright and fun colors are common for a tropical-themed wardrobe. Typically, your outfit would be embellished with flowers, fruits, and other summer-y symbols. As for jewelry, you should try to also incorporate the symbols mentioned. The Hearts On Fire Jewelry Collection offers a wide variety of floral accessories like the Liliana Flower Stud. The color goes well with a red or black dress with floral or fruity prints.



One of the most captivating things that happens in the springtime is the blooming of flowers. You can incorporate this by adding pastel colors to your outfits and accessories. The color of lavender suits the spring season perfectly, so you may want to try this Tacori Sonoma Skies Pendant that exudes the allure of a blooming lavender. This purple-colored gem is perfect for your springtime getaway!


What are your plans for your spring season wardrobe? Have you already prepared the jewelry and accessories for your OOTDs? Let us know what you have here!

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