How-to Know When to Give a Promise Ring

The traditional rings that one gives to their significant others are the engagement and wedding ring. These rings are commonly worn on the ring finger, or the fourth finger of the left hand, simply because it was known that a certain vein is found in that finger that is connected directly to the heart. Beautiful isn’t it? However, there is also one ring that is not known to many – the promise ring. What is it and how significant it is for partners to have? Let’s dive in.


Promise Rings

A promise ring is the kind of ring that you give to your partner to express your eternal commitment and love to one another. Normally it is given before the engagement ring. It represents having a personal relationship with someone that someday, might lead to marriage.

There are some who do not believe in marriage and a promise ring is a way to show your commitment to someone without the sanctity of a wedding. It may change down the road, or you may just not be ready for that level of commitment right now, it simply means that there is a future between the two of you.


Purchasing the promise ring

It can be difficult to choose a promise ring for you partner. Of course, you want it to be special, but you also don’t want to overshadow the engagement and wedding rings in the future. Thus, you can go for a very low key, yet, unique ring, like one featuring your partner’s birthstone or any other type of gemstone. It may only feature a very small diamond that you could later place in a set of diamonds for any future band. There are a wide variety of promise rings to choose from!


Is it Time?

Timing is a very crucial part when giving a promise ring. Thus, before giving a promise ring, you need to be open and have clear lines of communication about the status of your relationship. Ask your partner about what’s going on between the two of you and figure out where you both stand in the future. You can try to read cues about how they feel about you by reading their body language. If all of the clues are clearly stating that you have something real, then maybe considering giving them a promise ring.

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