How-to Style Diamond Jewelry Daily

We are past the days where jewelry collections and flashy accessories are only worn during special occasions. Moreover, these luxuries are no longer limited to the upper classes of society, since it is easy to obtain these items in the free market that we live in today. Given this, you can now wear eloquent jewelry on a day-to-day basis. However, having to wear an extravagant diamond ring or necklace daily can be too much, even for the modern era. Thus, we need to examine our options for everyday wear.



For earrings, you can go for a very simple diamond stud. It is elegant in its humble form, so it is sure to give you the grandeur that you need for in your daily life. If you do not wish to go for studs, you can still opt-in to having huggie earrings (shown below).



A simple band studded with some diamonds can go a long way for your OOTD. The best everyday ring that you can wear is your engagement and wedding ring, allowing you to have 2 rings at most. For the happily single ones, you can still go for a single ring with a small diamond or gemstone detailing.




For bracelets, you can always go for the simplicity of bangles. Try a simple diamond bangle like the one shown below, it provides elegancy without being too distracting. It has a relatively slim band with smaller diamond beads. Save the detailed ones for an elegant evening dinner.



Necklaces can be quite visible, when worn correctly. Thus, you should be sure to pick the right one for work. A diamond necklace in shape of a teardrop, heart or flower can be a good start. It is fun and can be seen by everyone. Be lowkey and let others notice the elegance of the piece you are wearing and leave the accent pieces for your night-outs. Try wearing v-neck blouses or simple patterns to really bring attention to your diamond-studded jewelry.


Need to update your collection for your OOTD? We can help you with that! Check us out here so you can choose from our great selection of jewelry. Are you ready for the new season? Be sure to check out our other blogs for inspiration for your summer looks.

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